Meditations and Molotovs - 10.17.16

October 18, 2016

 Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the U.S. and Donald Trump will be in the media even more than he is today (recent reports have him starting his own cable channel - we'll see). His supporters, emboldened but disorganized, will remain.

But where does that leave the rest of us? What should we expect from a Clinton presidency? And how will activists, particularly the millions who were mobilized for Sanders, respond? 


Meditations and Molotovs - 10.10.16

October 11, 2016

On today's program, Vince recaps the second presidential "debate" in all its wonderful madness and banality. He also discuss the possibility of organizing Trump's supporters and why he thinks The Donald's campaign has been the best learning experience for Americans in over a century.

Plus, why are liberals, progressives and Democrats silent as Clinton escalates Cold War 2.0 with Russia? Scoring cheap political points while simultaneously provoking war - textbook American liberalism! Hillary must have learned a thing or two from JFK. 


Meditations and Molotovs - 10.03.16

October 4, 2016
 On today's program, Vince is joined in studio by Samantha Castro, the Operations Coordinator for Friends of the Earth (Melbourne, Australia). Vince and Samantha talk about ecology, feminism and how to build more effective political movements. 


Meditations and Molotovs - 09.12.16

September 13, 2016

Fifteen years after 9/11 and Americans have learned very little about war, violence, revenge, history, terrorism and empire.

So, for today's program, Vince plays Howard Zinn's famous speech,"Three Holy Wars" (The Revolutionary War, The Civil War and World War II) because these idealized wars must be questioned if we ever hope to stop the madness of U.S. Empire.


Meditations and Molotovs - 08.29.16

August 29, 2016

Colin Kaepernick's refusal to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance sparked an important conversation and debate about nationalism and American Exceptionalism - an essential conversation more Americans should have. For this, he should be commended, not admonished.

As Albert Einstein once noted, "Nationalism is an infantile disease." Of course, the same is true today, yet I hear less and less progressive and leftwing activists say so. Why? Is nationalism the ultimate taboo in American political discourse?

When will a prominent American athlete draw attention to the millions of people of color the U.S. military has killed overseas in the name of American Exceptionalism and under the banner of the U.S. flag? That's the conversation no one wants to have.


Meditations and Molotovs - 08.22.16

August 23, 2016

Show Description - AUGUST 22nd: On today's program, Vince explores a wide-range of issues, from the ways in which media consolidation colors our collective culture, to the absurdity of nationalism and why he loathes the Olympics. This off-script show is sure to entertain. 


Meditations and Molotovs - 08.15.16

August 15, 2016
 Today, Vince is joined by artist, public educator and community organizer,Thomas Frank. Thomas is leading the research team that's examining the situation in East Chicago, Indiana, where over 1,500 residents and students are being forced to move from their homes and schools as a result of lead and arsenic poisoning.

We'll talk about the history of industrial crimes and ecological devastation that plague East Chicago and the surrounding region, the residents who are fighting back, and how you can get involved.


Meditations and Molotovs - 08.09.16

August 9, 2016

 Vince talks about his recent article for CounterPunch, why the U.S. lacks an antiwar movement and what antiwar activists could do in the future to be more effective. After ten years of working with antiwar movements around the globe, Vince has seen the many ways in which those movements limit their own productivity. Interestingly, antiwar movements ranging from Spain to Australia are facing similar difficulties. 


Meditations and Molotovs - 08.01.16

August 1, 2016

On today's program, Vince discusses the Khan family (recently made famous during their performance at the DNC in Philadelphia), Identity Politics (particularly Muslim-Americans and Veterans) within the context of the War on Terror, Jill Stein and the Green Party that doesn't exist, lead poisoning in East Chicago, uprisings in Naples, Italy, and world's disappearing water aquifers.


Meditations and Molotovs - 07.25.16

August 1, 2016

Today's program features Vince's reflections on the Fascist madness unleashed during last week's RNC in Cleveland. Vince also previews the Neoliberal madness that will be unleashed in Philadelphia starting today and talks about Debbie Wasserman Schultz (the ultimate apologist for Israeli terrorism), the Democratic Party, why I'm not in Philly, Russia, Wikileaks, Christo-Fascist Mike Pence, and the naivety of Bernie Sanders supporters.